Google Cloud Spanner

A few weeks ago, Google introduced the world to Cloud Spanner, their auto-replicating, multi-region database service that can scale to trillions of records. If that's not power, I don't know what is. Spanner can scale to tens-of-thousands of nodes. Each node is capable of servicing 10,000 users. I played around with Spanner the other day. […]

The Daily Recap

I'm starting a new, daily series: The Daily Recap. I'll post some of the most interesting stories I read. Here's the first edition: CIA / Wikileaks Encryption works. The Guardian. Google NEXT Google's enterprise cloud conference, NEXT, kicks off tomorrow. Google Cloud Platform will post the videos of the talks soon after they're delivered. I […]

Kubernetes, Fahrenheit Marketing and Reading

In no particular order, here are some highlights from the last couple of weeks: Kubernetes & Docker I've been trying to set up a Kubernetes cluster. I actually finally asked my first Stack Overflow question, which gave me the info need to successfully set up a Google Container Engine / Kubernetes cluster. I want to […]