Check out Fine Point Mobile!

Check out my latest website, Fine Point Mobile: Fine Point Mobile is my freelance backup-plan. I'm currently interviewing a numerous companies, but, as always, there's no guarantee I'll get accepted. So I started building the website a few months ago, and added a few finishing touches just now.

Hack it

I love playing around with tech. The other night I spun up a Google Compute Engine instance and Digital Ocean droplet. I installed Nginx, PHP and MySQL on a Ubuntu 16.04 box. Servers these days are so cheap! But here is something that I find most interesting: It's the struggle that counts. I could have […]

Software is Eating the World

I am proud to call myself an Android Developer. I have risen to the challenge of facing hundreds of problems¬†every day. Part of being a developer means that you need to know how to debug in Android Studio. And there are many ways to debug an app. I feel like software is the big thing. […]

Apple Support

Today I called Apple support. My new MacBook Pro's WiFi wasn't working (only showed 0 networks, then eventually 2 networks). So we're debugging it, and I happen to look at the clock on the desk. Blank. Power off. Turns out, the apartment complex had a power outage, which would explain why there were only 2 […]

Computer Science: Learning Big O Notation

I've been reading through the book Cracking the Coding Interview. The main purpose of the book is to prepare an interviewee for an interview at large companies like Google, Apple or Facebook. I'm currently reading about big O notation. Big O notation is the the performance of an algorithm as it scales given a variety […]

Android HashMap Tutorial

HashMap is a powerful data structure in Android. Today will will implement it in Android Studio: Let's add a HashMap variable to the class, and instantiate it in the onCreate method. Now let's output the data to the Log: You can use this tutorial to create a RecyclerView for flexibility in a list.