About Daniel Malone

Hi, I'm Daniel Malone, an Android Engineer at H-E-B Digital in beautiful Austin, Texas. Having worked with tech since I was 12 years old, I build digital experiences that deliver value to both the business and customer.

I built my first website when I was 12 years old. On the website I blogged about chickens and goats in our backyard.

Daniel Malone
Me playing piano when I was 13 years old.

Need a camera crane?

VariZoom was my first employer. The company's entire digital presence was mine to manage. From internet marketing to web development, photography and videography, work kept me busy.

My first office at VariZoom. The tech department eventually bought for me a $1,500 Dell XPS desktop machine with 16GB RAM and 2TB storage. It was fast!

At your service

Buying the same sandwich for lunch every day and tipping $3 for a $4 sandwich has it's perks; the sandwich shop would start making my sandwich as soon as I parked.

Lights. Camera. Shoot.

After the company's photographer got fired, my boss shifted her responsibilities to me. That meant setting up 3-point lighting and Photoshopping artifacts out of photos. It was... interesting.

The photography studio at the back of my office at VariZoom.

Code this. Code that.

Whenever something needed to be done, I did it. Or at least it seemed that way.

Buy it.

Making only $15/hr., I saved up enough to buy myself a new computer. I drove to Fry's, spent about $500 on a small Acer desktop and coded away. I had a blast.

My work table in my bedroom.

Time to move. Jobs.

After three years Scott offered me a job at his company, Ingram Technologies.

My desk at Ingram Technologies.

Scott sold tablets, but not the type you're thinking of. You're probably thinking of iPads. He sold rugged, heavy-duty tablets; tablets that you could run over with your car without breaking them. Primary customers? Police departments and construction crews.

A rugged Motion Computing tablet.

Time to Meetup.

It was at Scott's place that I started attending Meetups. The first one? Austin Laravel. Laravel, a PHP framework, is something I utilized for websites and data processing.

A view from the 16th floor of Capital Factory in the Omni Hotel in downtown Austin, Texas.
Me back in 2015.
I'd take my youngest brother out to eat like every week.
A WordPress conference I attended.
I had enough money to buy an electric keyboard.
I attended my first Google I/O Extended here in Austin.
I bought my first Macbook!
A talk on Machine Learning.

New day. New place.

I eventually got a new job as an Android Engineer and immediately moved to South Austin. The perk? It had Google Fiber.

The new living room.
The new kitchen.
The new bedroom/office.
The new balcony.

Breakfast of champions.

My first meal in South Austin in 2016? Central Market. It was good.

Waffles with fruit and yogurt at Central Market.

Have a BBQ

I attended my first Android developer conference: Big Android BBQ!

Big Android BBQ.
Chet doing something.

Family breakfast.

I started having family over every Sunday for breakfast.


Blue Goji.

I ended up at Blue Goji, a VR gaming startup in South Austin.

Trying out a VR game.
My workspace at Blue Goji.

Here Everything's Better.

Then I got a job offer from H-E-B, the best grocery chain in Texas.

First day at H-E-B.
Central Market in South Austin, owned by H-E-B.
The Alamo. I went to San Antonio for orientation.
Capital Factory in downtown Austin, Texas.
Our massive office space.
Daniel Malone in 2018.

Time to move. Apartments.

The view from my downtown apartment.
We got new office space, and it was sunny. Much better!
I was working on the Curbside Pickup app for H-E-B.
We even got a visitor at the office!

Teaching. My brother.

Teaching my younger brother some code.
Engineers watching a talk on React at H-E-B Digital.
A screenshot from a few weeks after launch of the Android My H-E-B app.